We help you do a better job of helping others.

At TriWest, we draw from diverse backgrounds and locations. Our team includes experts in health and human services, data analysis, research, and economics who also happen to be veterans, farmers, firefighters, athletes, and teachers. We know how to collaborate, work hard, and deliver great results. We bring a friendly, practical perspective to health and human service work.

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TriWest is fun to work with, and they deliver evaluation findings in such a helpful way. As CEO, I am rarely surprised by the problems revealed in a program evaluation. What I don’t know is the solution. TriWest showed me how to make effective changes that dramatically improved our programs.

-Program Director for a SAMHSA Systems of Care site


We help health and human service organizations do a better job of helping others.

We’re committed to core principles that guide our work and the operation of our company:

We act with integrity.

We take on projects that help improve lives and communities.

We support people in their efforts on behalf of themselves, their families and communities.

We deliver high quality products and advice.

We enjoy the work we do and share that joy with our customers.

And these five principles guide how we work with one another:

We help each other integrate work with life in a way that enhances both.

We promote a healthy company through a diverse community of colleagues.

We learn from each other.

We have fun in our work and enjoy our relationships with each other.

We take pride in the actions of our company.

Cultural humility is at the core of our work. Our team includes people who come from various cultural backgrounds and bring diverse educational and professional credentials. We are sensitive to the ways that various identities and abilities impact experience, and recognize that our team may not reflect all the diversity of the clients and communities we serve. For that reason, we approach our work by engaging people respectfully, avoiding assumptions about what they need, and taking the time to connect and engage with them before recommending solutions. We understand that the way we see the world is shaped by our unique experiences, and we serve people best by being aware of how our world views inform our work.

Meet the team

The TriWest team is made up of expert clinicians, analysts, economists, editors, evaluators and researchers, designers, former state and federal government administrators, program and project managers, and data specialists who work together to help you and the people you serve.

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