Kelsi Urrutia, LMSW

Data Strategy and Visualization Manager

As Data Strategy and Visualization Manager at TriWest, Kelsi helps guide projects through the process of identifying, collecting, analyzing, and presenting data to help clients make data-informed decisions. She is proficient in Tableau, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and infographic software, and deeply enjoys transforming complex data into meaningful, informative, and easily digestible formats.

Before joining TriWest, Kelsi worked in adult mental health research and early childhood education research. She provided clinical services to people in medical and psychiatric hospitals, helped high school students achieve college readiness, led memory-support groups for seniors, and supported survivors of intimate partner violence in crisis. These experiences helped form her commitment to equity, improving the lives of people, and recognizing the human experience behind the data.

Outside of TriWest, Kelsi is a baker and an adventurer. She loves traveling and hiking with her husband and their dog, Aria. She is passionate about environmental stewardship and volunteers in her community to help grow her local urban forest while tending to her own pocket prairie.

Kelsi earned her master’s degree in social work and her undergraduate degrees in geography and women’s studies.