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Our Statement on Systemic Racism

The killing of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, and the killings of other Black and Brown people across the nation, underscore the institutional racism in our society. We are saddened by his death, by the loss suffered by his friends and family, and by the fear of so many people of color that a similar thing could happen to them or their loved ones. Our work at TriWest has shown us that racism is present not only in the criminal justice system, but also across many of our institutions – governments, child welfare, education, employment, health care, and housing – and undermines the health and wellness of communities of color.

At TriWest, our reason for being is to help health and human services systems throughout the country do a better job of helping others. We condemn the racism that leads to disparities in access to resources and disproportionate suffering in communities of color. We respect the deep hurt and rage among communities of color and understand that these feelings lead to the demonstrations we are seeing across the country. Protest against injustice is a very American response to such feelings. Protest represents hope that change might occur. We stand with all people who insist that systemic racism must be eradicated. We commit to promote healthy communities and to do what we can to help the United States become a nation where all people are not only created equal, but treated equally.

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We’re a health and human services consulting company with deep reservoirs of talent, decades of expertise, and an upbeat, collaborative approach.

We’ve been helping clients with system improvement, evaluation, planning, and financing for over twenty years. Our team comes from direct service, government, education, justice systems, child welfare, and other settings, and we specialize in healthcare, justice, and social services. If you are designing, implementing, or evaluating systems—or if you’re looking for support with financing or evidence-based practices—we can help.

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  • Federal, state, tribal, & local governments
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  • Social services & juvenile justice
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  • Other consulting firms

Where We’ve Worked

We’re proud to have worked in thirty states and look forward to helping people in other states soon.