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TriWest is a human service evaluation and management consulting company.

Timothy Dittmer, PhD

Managing Principal

Tim has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Wheaton College as well as a PhD in Economics from the University of Washington. He spent fourteen years in academia with his last position as Chair of the Department of Economics at Central Washington University.

Tim’s expertise is in applied microeconomics, with a current focus on evaluation of mental health and child welfare interventions and policy changes. His interest is in applied econometrics and use of simulation for cost benefit estimation.

Because econometric and cost benefit analysis is used in many TriWest projects, Tim has had an opportunity to work on projects involving healthcare integration, veterans’ services, long-term services and supports to the elderly and disabled, studies of super utilizers of healthcare and criminal justice resources, and child welfare.

According to Tim, rigorous evaluation is a key element of determining which interventions or policy changes will help people, and which waste resources or cause more unintended harm than good. For programs that are helpful, evaluation may lead to further refinements, such as focusing on subgroups that receive the greatest benefit. Economics contributes a unique perspective and set of tools to this task.

Tim lives with his wife and children in an off-grid home located on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains in Washington. He enjoys the many outdoor activities available in the Pacific Northwest including hiking, camping, hunting, and kayaking. He is a former infantry NCO, and a two tour veteran of the Iraq conflict.


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