Health + Human Service & Evaluation + Consulting
TriWest is a human service evaluation and management consulting company.

Our Approach

We understand human service systems. We have devoted our careers to direct care, evaluation, administration, teaching and research in provider, government and university settings. Our consultation services emphasize collaboration with the multiple stakeholders needed to provide services that help children, families, adults, and communities achieve their goals.

Our approach to consultation and evaluation is based on the following goals:

Credibility - We ensure that findings and recommendations are credible to all stakeholders: consumers, family members, program managers, legislators, administrators, researchers, and other members of the community.

Diversity - Because the communities our customers serve are diverse, the TriWest team includes men and women with a variety of advanced educational experience, cultural backgrounds, and language proficiencies.

Minimal Burden - Evaluation, consultation and training activities should help, not interfere with, the normal functioning of a human service program. We always respect the ongoing and important work of the organizations we serve.

Quality - We employ rigorous methods and multilevel peer review protocols to provide products that our customers consider high in quality and utility.

Stakeholder Involvement - We believe that the ecological validity of our methods - that is, their fit with local values and system needs - depends on the involvement of stakeholders at multiple levels.

Value-driven Consultation - We believe that service delivery, evaluation, and consultation benefit from openness, compassion, tolerance, humor and flexibility.