Health + Human Service & Evaluation + Consulting
TriWest is a human service evaluation and management consulting company.


What kinds of human service organizations does TriWest help?

Governments - TriWest helps a broad array of federal, state, tribal and local governmental agencies. Examples include:

  • SAMHSA's Center for Mental Health Services
  • State of Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Corrections
  • State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department
  • State of Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
  • Pueblo of Zuni Community Health Department
  • City and County of El Paso, Texas
  • Boulder County (Colorado) Department of Social Services
  • Pierce County (Washington) Department of Health
  • Puget Sound Educational Service District

Private providers and insurers - TriWest works with providers and insurers of human services. Examples include:

  • Colorado Access, a non-profit HMO
  • A national managed behavioral health care organization
  • Mental Health Center of Denver, a local mental health authority and mental health center
  • The National Empowerment Center, a consumer-run empowerment and advocacy organization in Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County
Foundations - TriWest serves a range of grant-making and direct service foundations. Examples of each include:
  • Casey Family Programs
  • A consortium of eight Colorado foundations:
    • Caring for Colorado Foundation
    • The Colorado Trust
    • The Daniels Fund
    • The Denver Foundation
    • First Data Western Union Foundation
    • The Colorado Health Foundation
    • Rose Community Foundation
    • Rose Women's Organization

Other consulting firms - TriWest frequently works under subcontract to help other consulting firms working with human service organizations. These arrangements are typically confidential. They involve partnerships with local, national and international companies.