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TriWest is a human service evaluation and management consulting company.

Jim Zahniser, PhD

Founder and Partner

Jim received his PhD in Clinical and Community Psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1993. He completed post-doctoral fellowships through the University of Colorado, School of Medicine and the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors.

Jim is a TriWest founder. He currently is a lead consultant and evaluator on a wide range of projects, including primary and behavioral health care integration interventions, stigma reduction programs, smart justice and jail diversion capacity assessments, mental health system assessments, collaborative faith-based programs, and evidence-based practice implementations. He has played a lead methodological role in a number of mental health system assessments, including for the state of Colorado and other various metropolitan areas including, for example, Maricopa County (Phoenix AZ), Dallas, San Antonio, Omaha, and Harris County (Houston). 

Clients with whom Jim has worked with have received national recognition for their exemplary implementations of integrated primary and behavioral health care. System leaders use Jim’s recommendations for program enhancement and for collaborative approaches to fill gaps in the continuum of care. As a result, most of Jim’s efforts involve multi-year engagements with a variety of foundations, providers, and collaborative groups. 

Jim lives in Greenville, Illinois, where he volunteers in the community to promote mental health. He most enjoys traveling and backpacking with his family.


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