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TriWest is a human service evaluation and management consulting company.

Erin Hall, MS

Senior Consultant

Erin is a Senior Consultant with 25 years of professional experience in a wide variety of health and human services ranging across the areas of mental health, substance use disorders, problem solving courts, child welfare, integrated primary and behavioral health, and public health. Erin has a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from Colorado State University.   

Erin’s favorite projects involve cross-system collaborative initiatives. She helps communities address complex social problems by working systematically across systems and disciplines. She also values meaningful program evaluation and believes that services and people’s lives improve when direct service providers and managers appreciate the importance of their role in data collection and evaluation.   

A Colorado native living in Fort Collins, when Erin isn’t working, you might find her chasing her teenage boys and husband on mountain bike trails across the Rocky Mountain region. 



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